Social Media Design
April 16, 2021

4 Alternatif Sistem Distribusi

As an NGO, Greenpeace actively do campaign both in real life situation and through digital media. Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t stop them to spread awareness among people about the impact of plastic garbages.


Making standout graphic design to be posted in social media (especially Instagram).

The most important thing

Readability as its finest.

At this project, Greenpeace asked me to convert some insights inside their ‘Bumi Tanpa Plastik‘ report into social media posts. I should maintain the similarity design style to the report. Because I made 3 posts, I should make each posts looks different even though it’s still in the same campaign, so I choose to use different background color.

Mockup in action

Preview post in mobile device.

The advantage of the carousel type Instagram post is that it can contain a lot of informative content up to 10 slides. With 1350×1080 space (recommended post resolution), the space outside the square ratio (1:1) can be used to add small things, like slide positions.